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Savings Accounts

Regular Savings
We take pride in the fact that our Savings Account interest rate is incredibly competitive.  Whether you are saving for a new car, house, boat, vacation, or just gathering a nice nest egg for a rainy day, we invite you to do so with us.

Christmas Club Account
Christmas is one of the most uplifting times of year.  It is a time where we all enjoy fellowship and family.  However, Christmas is also an expensive time of year.  What better way to save for the holidays than to set up a Christmas Club account?

With a Christmas Club Account, we give you a “payment” book that prompts you to put a little money aside.  You can deposit as much or as little as you want in the Christmas Club account as long as it is a whole dollar amount.  As you save all year your balance will steadily grow, and then in the fall just in time for the Christmas Season, we send you a check for the balance of your account.

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