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Mobile Banking
Regardless of where you are, you should always be in control of your banking.  Whether you have a smart phone with a data plan or a standard cell phone, Jonesboro State Bank has brought you convenience and peace of mind.  You can enroll for mobile banking once you log in to your internet banking.  Register your phone take advantage of text banking, mobile browsing, and a very impressive iPhone app.

Person to person payments are a super convenient way send money to people you owe regardless of where they bank.  Ever needed to send someone $50 but didn't want to write a check and find a stamp, and you don't want to wire the money because you don't know the person's account information and you don't want the fees?  Now you can send money directly to anyone all you need is an email address or a cell phone number.  The best part is transfers only cost 52 cents.  You can't beat that kind of convenience or price anywhere.

Debit Cards
Debit Cards are a fast and convenient way to handle your daily purchases, especially if you are out of town.  Upon credit approval, we offer debit cards for all our different types of checking accounts.  If you have not signed up for a debit card yet, please come in and apply so that you can start taking advantage of this service.

Overdraft Protection
Let's face it, sometimes we lose track of our accounts.  With Overdraft Protection, we will automatically transfer money from a linked account for you saving you stress and money.

Debit Card Overdraft Coverage
Debit Card Overdraft Coverage allows your transactions to be approved, at the bank's discretion, even when you don't have money available to make a purchase.  If you are interested in overdraft coverage for your debit card click on Debit Card Coverage.

Internet Banking
Have you ever been rushed or unable to make it to the bank?  Well, now you can do most of your banking from the convenience of your own computer in the privacy of your own home.  FOR FREE!  Below is a list of some of the services that you can enjoy through internet banking.  If you have not signed up for this service yet, enroll now.

  • View account balances
  • Get up to two years of past history, history starts to build once you sign on
  • Transfer funds between Jonesboro State Bank accounts
  • Pay your Jonesboro State Bank loans online
  • Receive your statement online in an electronic form
  • View and print past statements
  • View and print check images and deposits that have cleared your account
  • Import your finances straight into Quicken or Microsoft Money
  • Send secure encrypted messages to us here at Jonesboro State Bank
  • Reorder Checks
  • Request a Stop Pay
  • Set up email and text alerts based on your preferences
  • Download and print loan applications
  • Categorize your checking account history for quick reference at year end.

Bill Pay
Thanks to Bill Pay you can pay your bills on your schedule.  With Bill Pay offered through Check Free, you can send a bill to any business or person with a mailing address inside the U.S.  Check Free will guarantee timely delivery, and if they do not get your bills to the designated location by the advertised date, Checkfree will pay any late fees you incur.  With Bill Pay it is easy to manage your bills, view past payments, change or cancel payments, you can even get E-Bills online from several businesses.  Just think no more envelopes, no more stamps, and no more inconvenient trips to the post office.  We are so sure you will absolutely love Bill Pay, that we are giving this service away free if you maintain a minimum balance of $3,000 in your account.  Even if you do not maintain a balance of $3,000 in your account, we still give you 3 months of service for free.   After the 3 months, you can continue your service for only $5.00 per month with no obligation, and no penalties for canceling your service in the future.

Direct Deposit
Our customers love the fact that we can set up their deposits to come in electronically so that they can get their money as soon as possible in a secure manner.  If you want to set up a direct deposit come in and talk to us today.

Draft Collections
If you have a draft that needs to be sent off for collection, we can handle it here.  We will notify you as soon as your funds are available.

Wire Transfers
When you need to move money in a hurry, we are there for you.  We can initiate outgoing wire transfers for $15.00 and incoming transfers are only $5.00.

Night Deposit Box
For your convenience and safety, we have a night deposit box for you to make your deposit after hours in a safe and secure way.  Your deposit will be worked up by one of our friendly tellers first thing the following business day.  Just drive into the first lane of our drive through.  Right past the window you will find our Night Depository.

U.S. Savings Bonds
At Jonesboro State Bank, you can redeem your U.S. Savings Bonds.

Safe Deposit Box
Protect your important documents and valuables with a safe deposit box from Jonesboro State Bank.  Call or come in and talk to us today about a Safe Deposit Box.

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