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The following links are educational tools which can help you to better understand how to protect yourself from online threats:

Identity Theft
Online Security
Data Security
File A Complaint
FDIC Customer's Guide to Cybersecurity
Cyber Security Resources


Jonesboro State Bank will never contact a customer on an unsolicited basis and ask for online banking credentials such as your access ID, password, or security answers nor will the bank ever ask you for your debit card PIN number.  Always be suspicious of anyone asking for your private information.  If you believe that you may be a victim of fraud or in the event something suspicious has occurred concerning your banking information, please contact us immediately at or you can reach us at 318.259.4411.

Jonesboro State Bank has SMS text and email alerts available to you for your convenience.  These services are strictly one way communication channels.  Jonesboro State Bank will never request any information via text or email.

Fraudsters are constantly trying to find ways to get your online banking credentials.  When you download our mobile banking app, make sure you download our official app.  A link to our official app can be found on our mobile banking page.

ACH ORIGINATORS: Understanding Corporate Account Takeover

What is Corporate Account Takeover?
Criminal entities employ various methods to obtain access to the legitimate banking credentials from businesses, including mimicking an institution’s website, using malware and viruses to compromise the business’ system, or using social engineering to defraud employees into revealing security credentials or other sensitive data.
For example, a business’ systems may be compromised by:

In each case, fraudsters exploit the infected system to obtain security credentials that they can use to access a company’s business accounts. The criminal can then initiate funds transfers by ACH or wire transfer to the bank accounts of associates. Access to the computers of the business may also allow sensitive customer information to be stolen or destroyed.

How do I limit the risk of Corporate Takeover in my Business?
Your employees are the first line of defense against Corporate Account Takeover. Employee education and a strong security program can help prevent data and financial losses. Here are controls that may help mitigate your risk.


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Security Center

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

To report a lost or stolen debit card during business hours, call us at the bank at (318) 259-4411.

To report a lost or stolen debit card after hours, call toll free (800) 500-1044.

To change your debit card PIN number, call (866) 633-5293

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