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Park Renovation

Park RenovationPark Renovation

Grace Community Church's teen group, Reach Youth, led by Youth Pastor Andrew Watts completed a significant restoration project at the McDonald Memorial Park during the recent long Fourth of July 'Independence Day' weekend.  This project was sponsored by the Jonesboro State Bank 'Pledge10' grant program and Grace Community Church.  The restoration included pressure washing, repainting, and restriping the basketball court, along with installing new goals and nets.  The two tennis courts at the park were also cleaned by removing very large amounts of leaves, debris, overgrown vines, and weeds.  With adult supervision, the teens used lawnmowers, pressure washers, weed eaters, shovels, rakes, hoes, brooms, and wheel barrows, and with lots of sweat and energy, put back into operation the two tennis courts and basketball court for enjoyable community use.  In addition, two new tennis nets, tennis court benches, along with three new modern trash receptacles were installed.

 Over fifty teens and adults worked for three days to complete this impressive project.  During the last day of work while restriping the basketball court, the pavement became too hot and unbearable to continue.  The team came back at sundown and finished the project at 10:00 pm that evening.  The team prayed for God's blessings over the community and park that night, bringing an end to a very productive weekend.  Local children living around the park also joined in with the cleaning and restoration work.  The children were so excited by all the activity; they returned the following day and joined the teens in work, lunch, and summer fun.  The Jonesboro Fire Department graciously brought out their awesome tanker fire truck to help wash the tennis courts and educate neighborhood children and teens about modern firefighting equipment.  They thrilled the neighborhood children and cooled them off at the same time.

 "We're proud to have Grace Community Church and Jonesboro State Bank as partners in building our community and making progress together.  We're always proud to have community partners who see a need and are willing to do what it takes to help Jonesboro move forward," said Mayor Bradford.  "Grace and Jonesboro State Bank are pillars in our community who continually lead by example." 

 Pastor Ford Pickering of Grace Community Church said, "I could not possibly have been more proud of the teens and leaders of Grace Community Church, the help of Jonesboro State Bank, the Jonesboro Fire Department, and the Mayor's office for what they were able to accomplished during that short period of time.  The teens learned valuable lessons about how unity and hard work can transform and bring significant value and pride to their community when there is a real heart to serve."  Pastor Ford went on to say, "This project was a perfect example of Jesus' command to 'love your neighbor as you love yourself'.  Jonesboro and Jackson Parish as a whole became stronger and encouraged by the actions of these teens and adult leaders.  With that kind of continued effort, unity, and God's blessings, great things are possible for our city and parish."

 You can see more pictures of this wonderful project by visiting the Grace Community Church website at and their Facebook page.


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