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$110,000 for School Technology

$110,000 for School Technology$110,000 for School Technology

In today’s world, computer skills are no longer a specialized expertise.  Computer skills and understanding software are now basic necessities for job applicants and students alike.  Job applications are submitted via computer.  Tests are now being administered via computer.    As computer skills become more and more essential, we as a community must make the investments needed in our education infrastructure and make technology readily available to ensure  our students are equipped for today’s jobs and educational opportunities. 

We  acknowledge the need for enhanced education infrastructure and technology accessibility in the classroom.  Through Pledge 10, JSB invested $110,000 to purchase chrome books and ancillary support products.  With this investment, the Jackson Parish School Board and JSB have committed to achieving a 1:1 ratio of students to computer devices for all students grades 3-12 within our parish school  system.

 “The Jackson Parish School Board’s vision for our community has been accomplished through the outstanding leadership of Superintendent David Claxton, and we are proud to partner with the School Board on this project. The students in our parish are our future leaders and workforce. We want them to have the best tools possible on that journey. ” –Thurston Allen, President


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