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Investing in the Future of Our Community

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2019 Fall Grants Awarded

2019 Fall Grants Awarded2019 Fall Grants Awarded

Junior Auxiliary of Ruston:  $3,000

JA of Ruston has four projects which focus on literacy/family literacy: Visit with Saint Nick, Visit with Peter Cottontail, School Enrichment, and Christmas Clearinghouse.  Through these four programs, JA of Ruston provides reading opportunities and provides book distribution projects in our local elementary schools.  JA of Ruston will use these funds to purchase additional books to expand their distribution by approximately 3,700 age appropriate books to elementary students in our community.

LSU Ag Center:  $4,000

The Northwest Region 4-H has implemented an annual Leadership Summit for teens.  The Summit has offered over 600 teens the opportunity to come face to face with professional speakers on university campuses in North Louisiana.  The summit focuses on leadership skills, teamwork and positive attitudes.  The LSU Ag Center will use these funds to further enhance the 2020 summit by bringing in high energy presenters while keeping the cost of the summit to a minimum for the participating teens.

The Wellspring Alliance for Families, Inc:  $8,000

Wellspring provides one-to-one school based mentoring relationships for students in need of early intervention to avoid falling behind and dropping out.  These highly trained mentors meet with students once a week in the schools.  Wellspring will use these funds to support additional mentors and case managers to expand mentoring services.  Wellspring will also use additional funds from this grant to serve 40 high school students at a workshop designed to engage students in becoming an active part of their communities by learning basic practices of civic engagement.

Winnfield Middle School:  $4,262

Winnfield Middle School’s library has excellent resources, and the school wants to make sure students utilize those resources by making an environment as inviting as possible.  With these funds, the Winnfield Middle School will purchase furniture for the library.  With these enhancements, the library will be a fun, safe and comfortable place for learning.

Jonesboro-Hodge Middle School:  $2,500

J-H Middle School’s athletic programs have long relied on hand-me-downs from the high school for various equipment and team uniforms.  Currently, the basketball teams are pinning and sewing high school adult uniforms for the use of middle school children.  These uniforms don’t fit properly and discourage school pride when opposing teams have newer uniforms that fit.  With these funds, the Jonesboro-Hodge Middle School will purchase uniforms and equipment for the basketball teams.

Quitman High School:  $8,000

QHS will use these funds to supplement their gym improvement project.  QHS is renovating their old gym to put the facility back in working condition for elementary physical education and provide a dedicated location for the cheer program.

Jonesboro-Hodge Elementary:  $2,500

J-H Elementary has raised garden beds which are utilized by the faculty and staff to educate students on life science and healthy eating.  The gardens provide hands-on experience outside of the classroom.  These funds will be used to purchase plants and additional equipment to enhance the gardens.

Jonesboro-Hodge High School:  $8,000

The J-H High School Baseball program will use these funds to make improvements to the baseball field.  For the school to continue hosting their own games, the field needs dirt work and new bases.  One reason why the field needs so much work is because the program lacks an adequate field cover.  With these funds, a field cover will be purchased to protect the field once the dirt work is completed.

Bienville Family Clinic:  $5,771

Hospital Service District No. 2, through Bienville Family Clinic, in partnership with Bienville Parish Schools, provides medical visits to children, faculty and staff through Telehealth Delivery.  BFC has conducted over 1,800 medical visits remotely through the telehealth system and is considered a pioneer in the execution of this remote technology.  BFC will use these funds to purchase medical and testing supplies to support the telehealth program.

Quitman High School:  $5,600

QHS will use these funds to purchase a lawn mower for the baseball/softball programs.  Currently, the programs rely on the one lawn mower used by the facilities department.  Borrowing the lawn mower is difficult given scheduling conflicts and staffing.  Having a dedicated lawn mower for the athletic programs, allows the coaches the opportunity to further teach athletes about independence and responsibility by maintaining their own fields.

Pinkie Wilkerson Life:  $6,000

Each summer, the Pinkie Wilkerson Life Development Center sponsors a two week summer reading program for at-risk children.  Each day, teachers have lesson plans to teach reading fundamentals to children ages four to nine.  At this summer reading program age appropriate books and school supplies are distributed to the children.  These funds will be used to purchase books and school supplies to be distributed to the children.  Additional funds in this grant will be used to pay for art supplies and snacks for the children during the summer program.

Jonesboro-Hodge Elementary School:  $6,000

J-H Elementary will use these funds to buy books for their library.  The current inventory of books are dated and worn.  With this investment, the library hopes to encourage more students to read by offering more books.  Some of the funds from this grant will be used to implement an incentive program for reading proficiency with the hope of ultimately increasing literacy levels among children.

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